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Factors to Consider when Buying Vintage Rolex Mens Watches

It is common to see men wearing watches on their wrists when walking on a street. However, it is equally difficult to acquire a watch with a model dating back to many years ago.Below are tips to help you buy vintage Rolex mens watches.

Know the type of watch you are about to buy. Vintage Rolex mens watches available in the market are pre-owned, and you should avoid watches that look alike. All watches are not the same, and you have to be armed with specifications of the watch you intend to buy.By doing that, you will spot a genuine and correct example once you have a look at any of them.

A thorough check on the dial is necessary considering that the dial is equally useful on the functioning of the watch. Any damage on the dial can be noticed with ease since polishing and cleaning it is not possible. Verifying the originality and refurbishment of the dial is imperative, and you should not be deceived by its newness or attractive condition.

Most vintage Rolex mens watches are made with a tritium or radium-based luminous especially on the hour markers and the hands. Rolex watch manufacturer does not use the materials as mentioned earlier in watch assembling and you can determine an original dial by looking at these features. Dials made with original tritium have surfaces with brownish patina whereas radium can be gauged by use of Geiger counter in determining its originality.

It is hard to distinguish between the vintage mens watches being produced now and those manufactured years ago. Regarding this, it is common to get vintage Rolex time pieces with similar parts derived from different watches. Thus, verifying the serial and reference number of the time piece will be essential in ensuring that you are buying the right model and it has not been reported as missing or stolen.

The same way you examine a dial, do it with the hands. Keen observation on the hand will feed you on important information on its history. Watches with bends and scratches may be indicators of the repairs and the poor performance of the timepiece and you should avoid them.

By checking on the design of the bracelet from the watch you are about to buy you can determine its originality bearing in mind that Rolex rarely change their initial designs.Watches that are listed with original bracelets should be verified towards ensuring that the configurations and the generation of the watch are as stated.

Over-polishing a watch removes tiny layers of the metal from its surface. Frequent polishing of vintage Rolex mens watches deforms and at times diminishes their functional components and in other cases may compromise their entire structural integrity.