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Great Tips to Pick-up Strippers

If you have gone to a strip club before or if this is your first time seeing such, you will notice that most of the guys are drunk and watching beautiful women dancing on stage. You are seeing how they are stuffing their money to the dancer’s outfit. Well, no matter how big the tip you give while she is performing, she is not going to sleep with you.

If you wish to learn how to pick up strippers in the club, then here are few tips that you may want to try.

Tip number 1. Act like you own the place – you need to know how to individualize yourself from the rest by the time you step foot in the club. You should practice your social skills especially with the staff by getting to know them on name to name basis. If you see others in the club who appears to be a big deal as well, then make sure to approach and be friend with them. If you’re hanging out with the right people in the club, strippers will show more respect to you. It is a bit like a popularity contest on your high school days, if you’re seen hanging out with the cool kids or you yourself is that cool kid than being with the losers, then hot girls will likely think that you’re cool and wish to know more about you.

Tip number 2. Do not objectify her – majority of the guys in the club think that strippers who expose themselves and perform on stage are degrading herself. While this could be true, this is not the right thing to do if you want to pick up strippers.

Rather than checking out her physique, look her right in the eyes. This would make them feel that you are seeing them as to who they are and helps you to set yourself apart from the rest in the club. Once you caught them looking at you, hold it because it shows that you’re the alpha and you encourage them to approach you at the same time.

Tip number 3. Try not shopping around too much – strippers are great at the art of seduction so when trying to play this game with them, make sure that you’ve brought something new. You have to build a connection while trying to make her feel very special. Stick to your target and wear your game face after you spot your target.

Make sure that you take these 3 tips into account if you want to succeed in picking up strippers.

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